The Ultimate Poker Challenge With Weekly TV Poker Tournaments

Staying up late on a Saturday watching The Ultimate Poker Challenge might not be up everyone's street. Let's face it with such a multitude of films to choose from and trying to please you're nearest and dearest it might be more prudent to record it or get it on demand if that option is available to you.

After all, Saturday night is Saturday night and you might want to watch something that you can both enjoy, perhaps something that ignites the passions of the soul and takes her back to when you were young and frivolous and didn't have a care in the world. You were her dashing hero, you still had all your hair, and always showed up bang on time for your dates, even though she may have been a bit worried about your roving eye when it came to her sister.

No the Ultimate Poker Challenge is probably more suited to the single guy getting to grips with his game, not the seasoned veteran you've now become, far better things to be doing with your time especially if you want to keep the peace on the home front. Yes, I know you like the final table format in Las Vegas of No Limit Hold'em, but lets face it, it is rare that you see one of your favorite pros which is hardly surprising since there is a huge budget disparity with other poker contest shows.

That said, and with the beginner in mind, who by the way may be several years younger than you with no significant other yet in his life, it does bring something to the table if you pardon the pun. Let's just say, seeing how the rank amateurs go about the game even though there are no huge pots on offer can be as revealing in learning the game as watching the ex champs and champs battling it out. The amateur bring a freshness that a newbie can well associate with and is liable to make more errors of judgement than the professionals. For the young guy who wants to learn this is a good place to start, but for you, best left alone. Another good place to start is by looking for free online poker tournaments. These require no buy-in yet provide new players to compete against others for a share of the prize pool. You'll additionally pick up skills and can practice moves against real players in real time. Click my link to visit a site that popular with both beginner and seasoned players to find out where the next free online poker game is available.