The Big Game: Poker on TV

One of the most famous poker on tv show is the Big Game wherein it is sponsored by In order for the show to push through the company decided to tie up with the North American Poker Tour, but because of the legal issues encountered by the partner, the show did not push through for its third season. The format of the game involves the No Limit Texas Hold'em types with 150 hands. In playing this, there are five players on the table with their own money used as bet. The people involved in the playing is between amateur and professional players. In a day, there are 30 hands and the show runs five times a week. Practice playing poker online for free on the best UK casinos. Receive a bonus that you can use to place buy-ins for free and save your money. For a list of the best establishments, visit this site.

In for a person to be a contestant in the Big Game show, he must first be Canadian or American. Second, he must be qualified through the screening done at the In the site, the person should always be in the top 300 for a tournament that is happening daily. This criteria is not enough since in the weekly basis, the player must be on the top 1000 on Saturday and top 200 on Sunday. The screening procedure will continue for the people on the top 200 and they will be sending videos and be chosen by the producers of the show to participate.

The Big Game show set pot limits so that the loose cannon will be prevented from betting all their money in. During the start of the game, loose cannons are staked with the amount of $100,000 and keep all winnings that are excess from this amount. For the professionals, the minimum and maximum buy-in is between $100,000 and $500,000.

In the first season of the show, some of the famous players are Tony G, Antonio Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Barry Greenstein and others. In the games, most of the professional players are sponsored by Pokerstars. The winner of the season is Bob Ferdinand who was able to double his money twice, making his prize truly grand. Believe it or not, Bob, during the game has downfall since he is not always winning, but in the near end of the game he is able to gain profit. The season two is just the same, only that the loose cannons are not allowed to have the option of coming back again to play.

The show was ended when the is seized by the U.S Attorney's Office based in New York because of the violation of laws that involve fraud and money laundering. In some of the games aired, the players were not allowed to play with real money. Somehow, the show is able to finish its second season despite the controversies.