Poker After Dark: The Best Poker Game on TV

One of the best poker on tv show is the the Poker after Dark that has been showed in January 2007. The show is the NBC's take on the Game Show Network's High Stakes Poker. The major difference between the two is that the NBC show is a tournament with six hands and single table while the other is a cash game. In a short period of time, the show is able to create solid fan base, making it grow strong and attract other audiences.

The show is hosted by a former bombshell that goes by the name Shana Hiatt and per week, it runs six times. On first five nights of the week, there are six professional poker players on the table and they are out for a winner-take-all type of match. The sixth episode of the Poker after Dark will serve as the venue for commentaries done by the players. Also, what made the show bearable to the audience is due to the fact that the commentator, Oliver Nejad, does not bombard the viewers unnecessary comments, instead, he only relies basic information regarding the cards and bets with crispy humor.

Honestly, the first two weeks of the Poker after Dark show has been a little rough for the team because the commentaries made are not good. Often times, he make sarcastic comments about what is happening on the table. But from the third week and to the succeeding episodes, the host is able to balance insightful information without sounding boring or sarcastic, making the show gather a lot of viewers. The muse of the show, Ms. Hiatt's despite not always seen in the game is very much welcomed. Aside from being the opening and closing face of the show, she is the one who interviews the players during a tournament. The good thing about her is that she is able to establish a good rapport, making the players tell honestly the things that are going around the table.

The best part of the show is the table talk wherein the viewers can know and hear all the stories, complaining, banter and needling happening during the play. And take note, these words are told by renowned and expert poker player in the world. One of the drawbacks of the show is that sometimes, they fail to have players that will create news or issue during the episode, making a little of some episodes boring, despite te strong poker match.