Learn about the various poker player styles available

Tight Aggressive (TAG)

A TAG player is one of the active players who have the urge of playing according to the number of hands present. He plays little but makes substantial profits. A player possesses both patience and aggression where he waits and bets aggressively on the part where more bet are placed. If at all the table becomes short, the only advantage comes in where a player risks for compensation.

Tight Passive (TP)

TP is another poker player style that needs patience but lacks aggressiveness which doesn't serve better. In this case, he only wins cash from weak gamers but losses to passive gamers. However he makes little profit too for he tends to be very hard to move and wins easily against a tight aggressive player on a shorter table. To win against a TP player, it is advisable to launch him in the long raised bet and if at all you have stronger hand, and then fold it.

Loose Passive (LP)

He is neither aggressive nor patient player. They are easily manipulated since all they do I call and losses a lot of money. It is for sure true that even pro in pokers started here. By betting low and knowing the rules of the game moves one from loose passive player to a more aggressive one. However, there are don't cares who only stay in this category since they claim to be playing for fun not for money. They should be patient and learn more of the poker and in the end will end up earning more in the industry. To play against a loose passive it takes very simple step of slowly betting and a win is guaranteed.

Loose Aggressive (LAG)

Is one of the loose gamers who may turn to be aggressive as the play goes on and starts to get some knowledge on the rules. These players usually give the passive players headache especially in the short handed games. However at the end of it all they lose a lot in the hands of winning little. They only make the game hard on shorter games for passive players. The only way to beat these guys is the acceptance of calling down weaker hands as well as involving the ace high which is accompanied by aggression.

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