The Grandness of Poker: Celebrity Poker Showdown

If you are looking for a poker on tv that will delight you with game thrill's and player's drama, it is time to change your channel to Bravo Network since the company offers a show called Celebrity Poker Showdown. Before you go crazy to the celebrities who played in the game or before you question their earnings, it is important to know that their winnings that involve thousand of dollars are given to their chosen charity. Believe it or not, the television network gets a million viewers per episode. Perhaps, this high statistics can be contributed to the fact that the players are celebrities and not just ordinary expert players.

The Celebrity Poker Showdown show is shot in a live studio with audience in Las Vegas. Per episode, there are five celebrities who are playing No Limit Texas Hold'em. The winning prize is $250,000 and each celebrity has at least $5000 secured amount for their charity. Players who lose do not have to feel bad since there are money given to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth place. The amounts are $100,000, $20,000, $12,500, $10,000 and $7500 respectively. To get the grand prize, the winners from the first five games will compete in the sixth game. But what makes the game exciting is the fact that the audience can hear the commentaries from the eliminated celebrities at the "Loser's Lounge".

The Celebrity Poker Showdown is hosted by three people throughout its run on air. The first one is Dave Foley who is well-known for his Hall comedy troupe, News Radio and man behind Flick from Disney's "A Bugs Life". The second host is Phil Gordon who is notorious to gambling tournaments and his championship during the World Poker Tour games. The third host is Kevin Pollak that gives a comedic sense to the show. Some of the notable champions on the sixth episodes are Nicole Sullivan, Maura Tierney and Seth Meyers.